Boom Lifts

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are equipment that has a platform which can be lowered or lifted to a range of heights, thus making this piece of equipment an important necessity in a wide variety of professions. Offered in many different specific varieties such as aerial platform lifts, scissor platform lifts, and knuckle boom lifts, each type functions very specifically.

The regular aerial lift variation is frequently utilized at skiing lodges to transport people who are not comfortable with the snowboard lift. Effective in a manner analogous to that of an elevator, skiers are transported up the mountain gradually, stopping at stations along the way until they access the top. Aerial hoists are also used in construction, transporting personnel safely up and down the sides of multi-level construction sites.

Scissor lifts are quite frequently utilized by service businesses as the perfect approach to safely enable workers to fix and work on cables and wires attached to poles. Telephone, cable television and power corporations have relied on the efficiency of this style of boom lift for years.

Knuckle boom lift trucks are designed to be utilized in rough terrain locales where the need to be able to reverse course is necessary. This type of boom is able to fit into various tights places that a scissor jack cannot. Working between multiple equipment in a manufacturing facility or in close proximity stuck between two walls, the knuckle boom additionally features a standard platform outfitted with rails for protection and worker safety.

Based on the work requirements and the nature of job to be completed will establish the proper model of boom lift to select. Luckily, there is a model suited for almost any application.

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